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JMH Fast Health first opened its doors to patients back in 2000, as a specialist in workplace health consulting and equipment provider. We’re continuing to adapt successfully to the latest guidelines to deliver the same high quality of service you’ve always expected from Ergonomical, while minimising the impact on you, our employees and their families. Making it to 20 years in business is no mean feat — but thanks to our visionary founder and a dedicated team, we’re still here and committed to our mission of achieving better health and wellbeing in the workplace.

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To mention just a few examples of JMH Fast Health benefits

  • Agility has always been at the core of our business, and our employees are used to a flexible working environment.
  • Ergonomic products are designed to improve your positioning and stop problems from developing in the first place.
  • A poorly designed keyboard or chair can, over time, cause painful disorders and muscular imbalance.

Working from Home (COVID-19) assessments

Most companies have incorporated some degree of homeworking to reduce the risk of COVID-19 contamination. With our extensive experience in keeping workers safe and comfortable in a variety of environments, including the home, we are uniquely placed to support you with advice, evaluations and products on homework.

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Healthcare Professionals with industry leading expertise to give you the best care

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Departments with a team of dedicated specialist to ensure all of your needs are met

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Research Lab with a team of scientists to bring innovative and cutting edge solutions to workplace health

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Awards demonstrating JMH's position as your no.1 world leading well being provider for the workplace

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At JMH you can be confident of experiencing a professional and personalised service.

Our team of healthcare specialists and workplace wellness specialists can support your company in a variety of projects. From complete office makeovers to workplace disability assessments, our team can help your employees be healthy at work.

Complete Office Refurbishment

We’re continuing to adapt successfully to the latest guidelines to deliver the same high quality of service you’ve always expected from Ergonomical, while minimising the impact on you, our employees and their families.

You may think that issues such as lower back pain and neck or shoulder pain only happen in manual jobs however this is not the case. In fact office workers are one of the main contributors to the statistics on work-related musculoskeletal disorders of which sitting at a desk, typing and staring at a monitor are the main causes. If your office is not ergonomically designed your office staff may suffer from musculoskeletal disorders leading to health issues and time off.

Remote DSE assessments

In law, employers must: do a DSE workstation assessment; reduce risks, including making sure workers take breaks.

Our display screen equipment (DSE) assessors can provide workstation and vehicle assessments in personwhere necessary, with some key changes in place to keep us all safe. Where possible, we recommend that you book a remote evaluation.


You will benefit from receiving all your training from an integrated team of specialists.

We understand that you want to protect everyone during a virus outbreak, but that doesn't mean that employees will lose important training. That's why we're making changes to the way we deliver courses to give you access to the same great benefits of a fully trained and authorized workforce, without putting your employees at risk.

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The clinic is within walking distance of Baker Street and Regent's Park tube stations, serving the Bakerloo, Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines. Parking is available in Beaumont Street and Moxon Street NCP Car Parks behind Waitrose. Alternatively, metered parking may be found in the immediate vicinity.

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